Western Isles - North Harris, April 2016

Photographs of a 4 day walk across North Harris,from Loch Morsgail to Hushinish Beach.

North Harris is a spectacular area of land located in the centre of a long chain of islands called the Western Isles off the North West coast of Scotland. The estate comprises of 25,900 ha. of croft land, common grazings, and open hill ground including An Cliseam, the highest peak in the Western Isles and some of the most remote and rugged terrain in Scotland. The combined estate is bounded on three sides by the sea: East and West Loch Tarbert to the south, Caolas an Scarp and Loch Resort to the west, and the long arm of Loch Seaforth to the east. The northern boundary follows a meandering line tracking the Lewis/Harris border from Bogha Glas, on the edge of Loch Seaforth, to Loch Reasort in the west.
The landscape features a unique combination of sandy beaches, mountains, rugged coastlines and numerous freshwater lochans. The area is also a fantastic place for watching wildlife and boasts a rich cultural history. Tarbert is the largest settlement in North Harris with excellent facilities for a small place including restaurants, hotels, shops, guest houses and a tourist information centre.
With around 1000 inhabitants North Harris is sparsely populated. Approximately half the population live in Tarbert, 250 on the Island of Scalpay with the remainder living in smaller crofting townships scattered along the coastline.

The 1st nights wild camp lovely spot with 360 views

The Wilds of North Harris wet underfoot, the landscape later turns to peat,very much like Kinder Scout

Woke up to a winter morning,quick brew and out with the camera.

Panoramic view of the hills of North Harris.

Beehive Houses at  Scalabha

2nd Wild camp at Loch Reasort,as I came down to the river a pair of Sea Eagles took off 30 feet away,A sight I will never forget 

Sron Uladal (or Strone Ulladale, as it is known to many) is a magnificent overhanging cliff hidden in a very remote location in the Harris hills. The cliff has been claimed as the finest inland precipice in the UK and was made famous by the Great Climb live broadcast on BBC Scotland.

3rd Nights Camp at the small Lochan at the base of Sron Ulladale,the wind was howling all night,the strongest wind,  In 25 years of wild Camping in the Highlands.

3rd nights camp at the end of loch Ghlinne by the sea,fantastic place,the remains of a small village all around.
Lazy beds

The island of Scarp, on the last stretch to Hushinish.

Hushinish Beach journeys end and a fine one it was, I camped in the dunes,my tent is the dot below the telegraph poles.
Storm travelling up from the south,shot out of the tent doorway.

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